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Connexar Capital Funding Traders

Connexar Capital presents you the wonderful opportunity with a Funding program, after the humongous success in the 50$ No Deposit Bonus, Connexar Capital proudly launches the funding program in order to benefit the traders with less capital and more challenging rewards.

To achieve the status of a sponsored trader from Connexar Capital, you must go through the Appreciation process first according to the rules,

Connexar Capital Funding Traders Program


How To Participate


Register - Evaluation Phase 1 Model: In this Phase , Traders can start trading with 100$ as a capital by just paying a Registration fee of 1$ and he should achieve 10% of profits within the time of 30 trading days from the given Capital , Then he will be eligible to move on Next phase of Evaluation Phase 2


Complete - Evaluation Phase 2 Model: In this 2nd Phase of the Funding program, Traders can resume trading with 1000$ as capital by just paying a Registration fee of 10$ and he should achieve 10% of profits within the time of 45 trading days from the given Capital, Then he will be eligible to move on Next phase of trading a 5K account


Start Earning from Reward $5,000: Once you complete phase 1 and 2 stages successfully , Next you can start your earnings from the Funding capital of $5000 with profit allocation 70% - (No registration fees)


Skill Rise from $10,000: After Completing the 3 consecutive returns from 5K account, You will awarded with a 10K account to the next level and in this level you can make profits and benefit with 75% of profit sharing, (No registration fees)


  • Cani i make directly into advance levels , in Funding program ?
    • No, you must finish evaluation one and then you need to move on to evaluation two, stages three and four levels. 

  • Earning made on Evaluation one and two is that refundable?
    • Yes, its refundable, once you move to phase 3, during the time of phase three $5000, will refund the phase one and phase two. 

  • Will I get the returns or profit share in phases one and two?
    • No, phase one and two are demo account, phase 3 & 4, that is $5000 & $10,000 starts from a real account, so you will get a profit share from phase 3 only.

  • Are there any minimum trading days in contest accounts?
    • Yes, there should be a minimum of five trading days in all levels of stages in a month.

  • Can i continue trading after my floating drawdown exceeds?
    • The daily limit is a 5% draw down and the overall limit is a 10% drawdown, if is reached and then you try to recover during open trades or closed trades, you are not eligible to continue the contest, its violets the trading rules,

  • I failed in stage 2? Could I start from the stage 2 model?
    • Once you failed in evaluation stage 2, you need to start from evaluation one again, whichever model you lose the need to start from evaluation one. 

  • Is Weekend open trades allowed?
    • No, at any stage during the weekend, open trades are not allowed.

  • What will be the profit share Stage three and four?
    • Stage three 70% profit share allocated to you and stage four 75% profit allocated to you

  • How you can reach each stage?
    • Stage one: 

      1) you need to achieve 10% returns within 30 trading days and also

      2) you should not reach, either  the 5% daily drawdown limit or 10% overall drawdown limit. In both the cases account will be suspended

      5% Drawdown limit Splits
      ? $100 equity - you can lose $5 in a day or overall equity should not fall below $90

      ? if you are in $105, you should not loss $5 in a day

      ? If you made a profit of $5, in open trades you are not supposed to lose 5% from the original deposit that is $5 loss in open trades, then you are not eligible to continue the contest

      10% overall Drawdown limit Splits:
      ? $10 (10%) in a day you should not lose in a day or overall equity should not fall below $90

      ? if you made a profit of $5 (5%), you are not allowed to lose $10 in open trades as well as closed trades

      ? Closed trades you made a profit of $10, however if you are not eligible to lose $10 in open trades.

      ? If your equity is profit, you are eligible to lose less than 5% for consecutive days.

      Eg: Day 1: profit $8, eligible to lose less than $5

       Day 1 & 2: Profit of $5 and $4, in the future trading periods within the profit you are eligible to lose $4 on day 4, $4 on day 5, $4 on day 6, $4 on day 7.

       Therefore, the overall loss was $16, however, you have not breached the 5% daily limit and equity has not fallen below $90, so you are eligible to continue the contest. Likewise, you can start crossing all the stages to reach live account profit share.

  • For Stage four, what are the criteria to achieve?
    • While you are in stage three, try to accomplish 10% returns for any consecutive three months, then you will be automatically moved to stage four.

  • Are Robo trades allowed? Are there any trade rules I need to follow?
    • (Algo)Robo trades are not allowed, HFT(High-frequency trades), Buy and sell in one and other accounts, arbitrage trades, copy trades, mam account, and PAMM account trades are not allowed for trading contest accounts.

  • In what mode I will get the profit amount?
    • It will be Bank-Wire or cryptos (USTD) methods, depending upon the choice from connexar capital ltd however it is mandatory for all clients to submit the bank wire details during the withdrawal process. 

  • What is the minimum withdrawal limit in Funding contest?
    • Once you reach the target of 5%, that is $250 for $5000 and $500 for $10,000 you can place the withdrawal request. Eg: if you achieved more than your target limit, you are welcome to place a withdrawal. For Eg: if you made $2000 profit from $10,000, you can place a withdrawal request of $2000.

  • What if i trade without making profit in live contest account ?
    • If you did not breach 5% daily drawdown and 10% overall drawdown, then you are eligible to continue the trading contest account for upcoming months, upcoming months your account will rest to original equity which is $5000 and $10,000
      Eg: if you made a profit of $400 from$10,000, even though you did not reach the target, next month account will reset to $10,000 you can elect to trade.

  • Are there any general terms that I should know?

      •          1:100 leverage for Forex pairs, 1:50 leverage for Commodities and indices

                 EA and Robot trading are strictly not allowed 

                 If you lost the daily limit or overall limit in open trades or closed trades and if you recovered the loss, then it is termed as breached the account. 

                 Trading credentials should not be changed, We are not responsible if your account is hacked or distributed

                 System monitoring will be maintained to make sure rules are followed

                 No refund of registration fees once trading started

                 No Arbitrage or Hedge trading, Same time buying and selling in multiple accounts not allowed

                 If your account is inactive for more than 5 days, it will be automatically disqualified

                 After your program registration, you will receive your login details within 3- 4 hours

                 Profit sharing will be applied by both broker and the trader, the ratio will be 70% on Stage 3 and 75% profit share on Stage 4 to the trader. 

        For Any new rules or terms please check frequently in registered emails will be adding the terms and conditions to this webpage.

What Makes CCFT program Different?

  • Target 5%: If you achieve more than your target in Live (Stage 3 and 4 ) accounts, enjoy the benefits
  • Certified Trader: Get Certification from Connexar Capital Ltd once you reach the Stage Three category
  • Lifetime Return: Enjoy the opportunity of Life time earning if you not reaching the drawdown

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