27 June

How to Get Rid of Swap Charges?

Currency swap rates can vary depending on several factors, including central bank interest rates, market demand, and economic conditions. These rates are constantly changing due to various factors, such as monetary policy decisions, economic indicators, and geopolitical events.

Which Currencies will give a Positive Swap? 

The positive swap, also known as positive rollover or positive carry, refers to the interest rate differential between two currencies. It means that when you hold a position in a currency pair, you earn interest on the currency you are long and pay interest on the currency you are short. To determine which currencies currently offer a positive swap, you would need access to up-to-date information from a reliable source such as a broker or financial institution.

If You Follow the below currency pairs, you will end up getting a Positive( + ) Swap!

Sell (Gold)      XAU vs USD
Sell (Silver)     XAG vs USD
Buy                   EUR vs JPY
Buy                   GBP vs JPY
Buy                   AUD vs JPY
Buy                   NZD vs JPY
Buy                   EUR vs USD
Buy                   USD vs CHF
Buy                   CAD vs JPY

These examples are not exhaustive, and the specific swap rates can vary among forex brokers and market conditions. It's important to consult your Connexar Capital Ltd or trading platform to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on swap rates for specific currency pairs. Additionally, it's crucial to consider other factors, such as market volatility, economic events, and trading strategies, when making trading decisions, rather than relying solely on swap rates.               

It's important to note that currency swaps are primarily used in the foreign exchange market for short-term trading or hedging purposes, rather than as a long-term investment strategy. Therefore, the potential profitability of a currency swap may be overshadowed by other market factors, such as exchange rate fluctuations and transaction costs.

To determine which currencies currently offer a positive swap, We recommend banks keep changing the bank rate of interest, and keep an eye on it, The Country that gives more bank rate of interest will get a Positive Swap, and the Country which gives less bank of interest will get Negative rate of interest. 

If the Bank Leads More Rate of Intrest is that Good for the Economy?

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