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MT5 MAM Account:

A MAM (Multi-Account Manager) account in Forex is a trading account that allows professional money managers to manage multiple clients accounts from a single master account.

With a MAM account, the manager can place trades on behalf of their clients, with the positions automatically replicated in all the associated client accounts. The manager can also set individual risk parameters and allocation rules for each client account, and manage multiple trading strategies within a single master account.

Money managers commonly use this type of account and investors are offered the service by Connexar capital ltd. It allows for the efficient management of multiple accounts with different trading strategies and risk levels and provides transparency and reporting for both the manager and the clients.

Features of MAM account

The main features of a MAM (Multi-Account Manager) account in Forex include:


Multiple Account Management: The MAM account allows professional money managers to manage multiple clients accounts from a single master account, making it efficient to trade and manage multiple accounts with different strategies and risk parameters.


Trade Allocation: The manager can allocate trades across multiple client accounts, either on a percentage basis or on a lot size basis. This allows the manager to manage different trading strategies and risk levels for different client accounts.


Automated Trading: The MAM account allows for automated trading, where trades are placed and managed automatically by the trading platform. This can save time and effort for the manager, and ensures that trades are executed consistently across all client accounts.


Reporting and Analytics: The MAM account provides reporting and analytics features that allow the manager to track and analyze the performance of each individual account, as well as the overall performance of the master account. This allows the manager to make data-driven decisions to optimize trading strategies and manage risk.

Note: Overall, the MAM account is a powerful tool for professional money managers and Forex brokers to efficiently manage multiple client accounts and offer managed account services to their clients.


  • Could I allocate my funds to multiple money managers ?
    • If you have multiple segregated accounts, you can allocate each MT5 account to different money managers, however, one MT5 can allocate to one money manager.

  • Can I get a welcome bonus to my MAM account?
    • No, investors who participate in MAM/PAMM accounts and CCFT contest accounts are not eligible for the bonus program.

  • Can I able to trade in my MAM account?
    • Yes, unlike the PAMM account, MAM gives the opportunity for the investors can trade in the MAM account, however, it is better to avoid this as money managers' profit/loss ratio will be difficult to find out.

  • How do I open a MAM account?
    • Click here to open MAM Account.

  • Entry and Exit will I be able to make at any time?
    • Yes, it's up to the investor's choice any time investor can enter or exit from the MAM account, during the exit process, if any profit is made by the money manager then the investor can share the profit ratio and exit.

  • How to choose money managers?
    • Click here to choose the list of money managers and select your own choice

  • Is there any minimum investment required for the MAM account?
    • Its up to the money manager's choice for the minimum investment, ConnexarCapital Ltd suggests that with a minimum of $1000, it will support the minimum trade volume proportion. 

  • What is the minimum lot size I need to maintain?
    • Unlike the PAMM account, the MAM account as well as the investor's account will have a balance. Investors will have their own balance, money manager will have a MAM pool account deposit.
      It's important for money managers to know the appropriate volume for the MAM account,

      Depending upon the follower's pool size account, the MAM manager needs to maintain the volume size.

      Investor X account $1000 -
      Investor Y Account $2000
      Investor Z Account $3500
      Overall MAM size accounts for $6500, as the money manager needs to follow the same as the PAMM pool size.

      In the above example, The money manager MAM account pool size is
      $6500 therefore money manager has to maintain a minimum volume of  0.07 Volume.

      If the pool size differs for example if Investor Y has withdrawn the full amount invested then the MAM pool size will become
      $5500, then 0.05 minimum volume has to maintain

      If new investor A  joins the MAM account with a balance of
      $2300, then PAMM pool size will become $7800 - 0.08 Volume required
      If the pool size is
      $10,000 - 0.10 Volume required
      If the pool size is
      $50,000 - 0.50 Volume required

      Note: Above volume is minimum, maximum there is no limit

  • What will happen if I enter less than the minimum volume size?
    • If in case if you enter less than the required volume size, then few of the investor's accounts wont get the appropriate volume.
      In the above example. If the MAM account pool size is $6500- if the investor enters 0.07 then Investor X will get 0.01,
      Investor Y will get 0.02, and
      Investor Z will get 0.04

      if Incase if the money manager enters less volume of 0.03, then all investors will get 0.01 volume, then the profit or loss wont be in the equalized split.

  • During the open trades, if new investors are allowed to join?
    • Yes, you can invite the new investors during the open trades, however, the old trades wont affect the new investors, however, the new trades will have an entity for the new investors.
      Note: Whenever new investors are added, check the minimum volume requirements.
      When do I get the profit share from the investors?

  • What If It is more than the risk limit?
    • Its by Investors' choice, as they can choose VPN to set the risk limit, each investor might have a different type of risk that might be allocated during the selection of an account,

      For Ex: Investor X allocated risk 10% of and Investor Y allocated 15% risk,, etc in these cases, whichever risk limit was allocated from the investors, the investors account will be removed if it met with risk limit, If the above example if you met 10% loss, then Investor X will be removed automatically from the PAMM account

  • As an IB partner, am I allowed to trade in MAM accounts?
    • If the IBs and money managers are allowed to trade, as an agreement is made between investors and the money manager, if the IBs are different from the money manager then IBs are not eligible to trade.

  • Can I change the MAM manager as I referred the investor?
    • No, The selection of the PAMM manager by Investor Choice. 

Business Planning

  • Investor: Investors can allocate the funds by choosing segregated fund managers
  • MAM Manager: Money Managers got the opportunity to prove their skills and brand their performance to Investors and grow mutually along with investors.
  • Introducing Partner: The referral Partner gets a bridging partner between Investor and Money Managers, and enjoys the benefit of commission as well as profit sharing if the money manager agrees.

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