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We started with a simple idea.

Company overview

We believe we can make your MT5 Trading experience better. We are a world-Best Online Trading Provider, giving you access to opportunities across thousands of financial markets and Financial Institutions.

We're an Award-Winning Broker who is focused on your security and peace of mind. We deliver a personalized trading experience and create an ultra-efficient Technology infrastructure for you to Trade on. That's why we have been awarded the Best Forex MT5 Broker 2021. You have come to the right place.

We enable thousands of traders to seize their opportunity on Forex, Indices, shares and CFDs. Trusted by more than 2.5 million individuals worldwide. We are here to arm you with everything you need to take on the global markets with confidence


Regulatory Compliance

Connexar Capital Ltd is proud to be regulated by the International Financial Regulation. Our license number is L15695/CC, and our company is registered under number 15695. This regulation ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of financial conduct.

License Details

  • License Number: L15695/CC
  • Company Number: 15695
  • Valid Until: April 20 2025
  • Government Notice: 005 OF 2005

Connexar Capital




We are not new to the financial markets, We started our journey as an Investor from 2009 onwards.



We understand what the Trader Needs, as our journey starts from TRADER now we turned as a Forex Broker.



We became Affiliate Marketers earning commissions every time we promote a company's products, Thus how we build a Traders Network.


Signal Provider

We provide the Trading Signals, using both Mobile APP and Web Applications, to make perfect Trading with Good Earning to Traders.


Training & Support

We conducted Many Seminars all over the Global, Trained many Clients to become valuable Traders, Conducted many Online Exams, Also provided the Complete Support system in Forex.


Wealth & Tech

We enlarged our services in Wealth Management programs, Asset Management Sectors, Web Technologies, Applications, and Mobile Developments.


Forex Brokerage

Right Business at Right Time suits us during the world Pandemic era, people are in need of other means of income, We started our Forex Brokerage Business.


UK Incorporation

ConneXar Capital is a company registered in England and U.K Company House with company Incorporation number 13914199. Registered office: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UNITED KINGDOM



Now we are building up the Education Institution and starting exploring new technologies.


Financial Regulation

International Forex Regulation License Number: L15695/CC

About us


To provide online traders with all the essentials they need to achieve maximum profit. We are an ECN Forex broker focusing heavily on a fast execution experience and low-cost trading.

The passion to see our traders’ success in Forex and the financial market drives us every day to consistently achieve our mission. We welcome all trading styles and apply a $100 USD minimum account size.




To be the broker of choice for traders looking to become successful in the forex market. We aim to revolutionize the industry by offering traders better service, lower spreads, and faster execution, something we are still absolutely committed to doing today. Our vision is to become the largest provider of the online foreign exchange market.

  • Now- Education
    Now we are building up the Education Institution and starting exploring new technologies.
  • Features
    Deep liquidity, Transparency, Lightning Fast Execution, ECN Tight Spreads,, Top Tier Banks.