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What is the withdrawal Bonus?

The bonus is a trading credit in the majority of cases, so ConneXar Capital only allows you to withdraw the profit earned from trading with bonus funds. In some cases, bonuses can be withdrawn upon completion of a specific number of trades. the possibility of withdrawal of only profit earned from trading using the bonus funds, Also Read the FAQ.


Opt for Welcome Bonus


Complete Trading Volumes within Six months.


Request a 50% Welcome bonus.


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  • How much bonus I can withdraw?
    • You can withdraw up to 50% from the bonus for which you opted for the welcome bonus Eg: If you deposited $10,000, you might opt for 50% welcome bonus which is $5000, from $5000, 50% is $2500 you can withdraw if you complete the terms and conditions under connexar capital ltd.

  • Is Withdrawal bonus can avail by MAM and PAMM participants?
    • No, those accounts under pamm or mam or manager accounts are not eligible for a withdrawal bonus.

  • What will be the target volume to receive a welcome bonus?
    • Whatsoever the bonus received needs to achieve 10% standard volume, example if the client receives $1000 as a bonus, from that 10% that is 100 standard volume ( one standard volume is 100,00 units, 1.00 lot) within six months 

  • Which countries are not eligible to participate in the bonus promotion?
    • This offer excludes ConneXarCapital Ltd accounts based in the UK and US, and countries that restrict forex trading operations are not eligible to open or opt for promotion from Connexar capital ltd. 

How to Achieve the Welcome Bonus Target?

Eg: If you deposited $10,000, if you opted 50% ($5000) welcome bonus then your target volume will be 500 Standard volumes.
→ Per month you need to achieve 100 standard volumes, within five months you can complete your target,

Note that while a forex bonus can be a helpful boost to your trading capital, there are no guarantees of profit in the forex market, and success ultimately depends on a variety of factors, including market conditions, discipline, and experience.

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St.Vincent Incorporation


ConnexarCapital Ltd is incorporated under the jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

U.K Incorporations

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ConnexarCapital Ltd is incorporated under the jurisdiction of the U.K companies house, London.

License under FCA


ConnexarCapital Ltd going forward in the future process of FCA regulation.