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What is an Introducing Partner?

An introducing broker (IB) / Introducing Partner (IP) in forex is an individual or organization that refers clients to Connexar Capital brokerage. The IB / IP earns a commission, paid by Connexar Capital, for each trade made by the referred client. The commission is typically a percentage of the spread (the difference between the bid and ask price) on each trade. The IB does not participate in the trade or hold any responsibility for the execution of the trade, but instead focuses on promoting our brokerage and attracting new clients.

Why do you want to become a ConneXar Capital Introducing Partner?

  • ConneXar Capital Offers High commission along with Tight Spread The more your customers trade, the more you can earn. We have a number of generous compensation models to choose from.
  • Rebate/Commission/Spread Markup/Revenue Sharing We have a different model structure that supports you to generate Income for you.
  • Instant Commission Enjoy Instant Commission, Instant Withdraw, and Client Account Opening in one platform.
  • Multi-Level Commission Introducing Partners can add Multi-Level Commission up to Three Levels.
  • 24/7 Automatic Process 24/5 Dedicated Support As a Partner with Connexar Capital, You will always have dedicated support, moreover, Connexar Capitals comes with a fully automated version that is available 24/7.
  • Real-Time Monitor Your Clients, Sub IB’s Introducing Brokers can track their clients and Multi-Level IB at our IB Portals. Keep up to date with your commission payments and your customers' trading activity with our easy-to-use partner portal.
  • Rewards + Gifts Connexar Capital Wants to maintain a long-term relationship with Introducing Brokers, as a TOKEN we would be awarding Rewards and Gifts to IB’s as well as Investors.
  • Participate in Introducing Broker Contest To develop a long-term relationship and to encourage ourselves to focus towards the next level, we're offering an IB contest in which anyone can participate. We offer contests in terms of lot size. Unlike any other forex broker, IB rebate, commission, and Revenue Sharing are different from IB contests.
  • Marketing Material As our partner, you will gain immediate access to a comprehensive suite of efficient marketing materials including catchy multilingual banners, thematic and generic landing pages, and customizable templates or layouts that are tested and proven to have a high conversion rate. Cover all your marketing needs without spending anything on marketing.



Promote: Promote FX, Metals, and CFDs to Your Customers


Introduce: Customer Applies online through a fully tracked form


Earn: Earn as your Customers Trade


Track: See your revenue Grow using the Partner Portal



Business Planning

  • Register as a partner, Click here to Register
  • After registration, upload documents in MyDocuments tab
  • Request for an IB and fill the form
  • Once approved, you can use IB link to refer a client

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St.Vincent Incorporation


ConnexarCapital Ltd is incorporated under the jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

U.K Incorporations

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ConnexarCapital Ltd is incorporated under the jurisdiction of the U.K companies house, London.

License under FCA


ConnexarCapital Ltd going forward in the future process of FCA regulation.

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